Underhill…a Great Asset to WHS.


Marielis Mejias

Mr.Underhill Himself!

Here at WHS we have many bald teachers; one of my personal favorites is the one and only Mr.Underhill.
Mr.Underhill is a great aspect to this WHS. He always wants to ensure the best in his students, “I would want every student I have to feel comfortable with at least trying to learn,” he said.
Some students may say that he’s unfair from time to time but it’s because as a teacher he genuinely cares about his students. As an educator his hopes/goals are that “students recognize that I’m doing the best that I can and I have their best interest at heart”.
Mr. Underhill tries to be honest with hs students. “I do not always tell kids what they wanna hear, and that’s hard to hear.”
It’s better to have a teacher who pushes you to do better, than one that slacks off, “I’m definitely here for the right reasons,” he said.
One reason Underhill relates to his students is he remembers when he was one. “I was a good student,” he said, “but I don’t know if my teacher would describe me as well-behaved”.
I know many of us here at WHS can relate to this comment.
Working with math, Mr. Underhill loves numbers. “I I was nt teaching, I would probably be involved in financial planning something still do with numbers.If I wasn’t in the NFL of course,” he said.
But watch out guys, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Mr.Underhill plans to teach here at WHS a ong time. “I will keep teaching here as long as they let me, I don’t have any plans of going to any district,” he said.
He may even be your Algebra 2 teacher next year as he hopes to get that position.
Overall, Mr.Underhill is a great educator.