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My Homecoming Experience
My Homecoming Experience
Kirsten Schultz, Contributing Writer • September 23, 2021

Music blaring, cheers, dancing, and muffled talking is probably the most simple understanding of homecoming. Just a place for a few scruffy teenagers to get pretty and be...

Why do we need a dress code?
September 21, 2021
Trinitys Michigan Football Record Predictions
Trinity's Michigan Football Record Predictions
Trinity Moon, Sports Analyst • September 22, 2021

Michigan will win the National Championship of the College Football Playoffs. Well, at least I hope so. With the schedule, the Wolverines have left I think it is very possible...

my summer experience ...
Breanna Flores, Contributing Writer • September 21, 2021

My summer did not summer how summer’s are supposed to summer. Ever since the first day of school, I couldn’t wait for the last. Last school...

Sophomore year is sooo fun!!
Breanna Flores, Contributing Writer • May 25, 2021

Sophomore year is like the middle child of the family. You’re just right in the middle of things, you sorta know your way around but still...

I have found some gems on Spotify
I have found some gems on Spotify
Breanna Flores, Contributing Writer • April 22, 2021

I’ve been getting sick of my music lately, every song is beginning to sound so repetitive and it’s just irritating. So I’ve been listening...

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