The Sideline Point of View


In this article, I will be talking about how the sideline teams feel about our football team and just being on the sidelines in general. I will be using information from interviews of many different people from the cheer team, band, Colorguard, and the student section!
I am first going to be going over the band student’s points of view and even the band instructor Mr.Gurk. While interviewing the students in the band I asked what everyone enjoyed about being in the marching band. A very collective answer was the relationship between everyone and how it’s one big family! Jordan, who is a 10th grader even said “I don’t even see the band as a class, it’s just an excellent start to my day”. The band students rated performing at halftimes around 8-8.5, “sometimes it can be really stressful like the week before were really on the grind.” quote Sydney Dewey who is a drum major in marching band. Everyone said it’s normally stressful but the aftermath and seeing the crowd’s excitement while performing is always a win for the band. It’s also no secret that our team is 0-3 right now, but the band loves performing even if our team is losing, even though they’re proud of themselves they still feel sympathy for our team. Our band instructor, Mr. Gurk, has been teaching band for 23 years! “I really like, the fact that a large part of our community is respectful, and they talk a little bit but I like that a lot of people stick around and they’re supportive, they cheer for us and listen.” Our band is a very respectful group of people and I know our student section loves them!

Next up is our very own Varsity sideline cheer team! While interviewing the team I got personal opinions on how they feel about cheering for our team even if were down by quite a few points. I got this quote from Amya Brown “All the years I’ve cheered in Wyoming we’ve always lost, which isn’t something I really look forward to, it’s about the community I get to be around.” which just proves that no matter what’s going on around you if you have a community you love your going to have fun! I also asked what their favorite cheers to do on the sidelines are even though our student sections don’t cheer with us, the answers I got are going to be down below. Overall the vibe I got from the cheer team was very supportive of our football team and were all just here to cheer them on!
Be strong and tuff
Be G, little O
Win tonight
Run down the field
The student section at footballs can be hyped up sometimes but other times it’s understandable to not be when our team is down. I asked Yeriel Francis about his personal rating, “Definitely about an 8.5 especially home games since we have our band and our cheerleaders.” we love the support of our sideline teams coming from a personal standpoint. He has been to all of our games! I also got Miss Savages’ opinion on how it is in the stands, “Could definitely work on our behavior, the first thing with the student section if more coordinated cheers and more participation with the cheerleaders, so that the other student section can hear and the football team might actually get a little pumped up. “