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Regan Mead, Contributing Writer and Photographer

  You read when people write articles, you gather information from what you’ve read. But have you ever thought about the people who write articles? Who they are and what they’re interested in? It’s good to know about the author, the person who writes the information. Regan Mead Is a student who is soon to write new and exclusive articles. I interviewed her and got to know her more. 


         Regan Mead is a student at Wyoming High School, she is a junior. She does “ Sideline cheer” out of school and expresses “ It’s alright, I enjoy it”. One of Regan's favorite classes in school is economics as she claims “ I like economics because I like the teacher”. Teachers are a big deal when it comes to classes. She also loves to listen to music, “ Some of my favorite artists would be Luke Bryan and Mac Miller, my least favorite artist would probably be Kanye West just because I don't listen to him that much '', “ my life would be boring without music ” .  


Regan's  favorite color is pink, “ my aunt likes the color pink”. In Regan's free time she loves watching Tik Toks. She does not plan on going to college but wants to join the military, specifically the air force, “ I find it interesting and would like to see where my life would go with it” . She likes to visit Europe and her favorite season is fall. “ I love going to pumpkin patches and haunted houses.”. Regan is not an only child, she has one brother. “ Regan, due to covid, would you say COVID made you a better person?” , “ No, Personally I don't believe COVID made me a better person”.

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