Josh: the Guy Who Reads the Announcements and More


Have you ever wondered who the crazy guy who reads the announcements is? What is his deal, anyway? Well, it is none other than WHS senior Josh Kortz. He is a busy guy. Besides announcements, he is involved with theater, AW 11, student council, senior committee, Res Life Church, Key Club, and Honors Choir.
Josh loves being busy, ”I’m a workaholic,” he said. “If I’m not doing something, I feel unproductive. I can’t really stay in one spot and do nothing. I need to be doing something at all times, so joining all these activities gives me something to do.”
We know how he feels about unproductiveness now. But what about reading the announcements? How did he land that gig? He told me that he “inherited” it from Anthea (a graduated student from Wyoming) “She had to start getting ready to graduate and needed to find a protege and yours truly was obviously the best option,” he said.
Josh’s main passion is acting. He’s been in ten plays, eight school plays and two outside of school. Live theater is a huge part of his passion. He wants to move to Chicago to become an actor and live his best life. “I’m amazing,” he said, “I’m great, and I’m going places.”
Josh obviously has very high and good hopes for his future. I got the personal experience of seeing his more recent play, Little Shop Of Horrors. I loved seeing him do what he loves; it was a great experience overall. He really is going places!

All of the plays Josh has been in are:

James and the Giant Peach (Ensemble)
“What?” (Troupe)
Trunks Tres (Troupe, writer/actor)
Young Frankenstein (Igor)
Monologues in the Margins
Young Frankenstein~again~(Igor)
Old-time radio show (Troupe)
Shakespeare lives (ensemble)
Little Shop of Horrors (youth ensemble)
No Need for improving act 3