Miss Lawson Loves Teaching


Miss Lawson loves art, but she loves teaching even more. For her, enjoying the job is the most important thing. “ If you want to be an art teacher you have to love teaching even more than you love art because it’s even more important I think there are a lot of people that go into education who do it cause they love the art they love science or social studies,” she said. “Still, they don’t love teaching as much and you have to love teaching, which I do you have to be a people person, you have to talk to people all day and you’re using your brain all day long.”

She went to college at Macomb Community College for a year and then finished off her school at Grand Valley Satte University. She majored in Art Education and minored in Ceramics. She student taught at Coit creative arts academy and teacher assisted here at Wyoming high school.
Miss Lawson wanted to be a teacher originally but she added art to the title as well. She talked about the WHS’s welcoming student body. “ I love it,” she said. “I really like the student body I feel like everyone here has a sense of community and family everyone is really friendly, I’ve worked in other schools where everyone is pretty self sufficientt but I feel like here everyone leans on each other in a good way.”