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  • November 17Mr. Doyle has the tingle! Could we have a snow day on Friday?

Kionna Parks, Contributing Writer

Do you know Kionna Parks? Well, do you want to? Of course, you do! Kionna is a senior and is from Wyoming Michigan, her favorite place to be is home.  Something about her future is that she does want to go to college, but she doesn’t know what college she wants to attend. Leading on after that, she was asked if she had any dream jobs or big future goals. “I have a couple of dream jobs, archaeologist, forensic scientist, or detective” 

 She currently works at McDonald's and she feels pretty eh about it; “Not really, it’s alright” She also enjoys Mythology since it’s an easy class, and dislikes P.E. Her favorite show at the moment is Naruto, she said “it’s a funny show, with drama, I like comedy and drama” Also her biggest fear is being alone, simply because it’s lonely. She was also asked if she could live anywhere in the world, where it would be. She chose: “Sydney Australia, it seems cool there”

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Kionna Parks