Polo: a Pet Profile


Polo, a male labradoodle, is an energetic but caring dog, according to his owner, Yesenia Martinez-Lucero.
Polo is a 1-year-old dog who loves ham but dislikes eggs or chicken depending on the chicken. Her favorite thing about Polo is that he’s a sweet, calming dog who likes to meet new people. And one of the least things Polo does that she doesn’t like is when he leaves a mess or when he gets into the trash but other than that there’s nothing else.
Polo is a kind, affectionate and energetic dog. And she’s glad that he got added to her family.

She got Polo at a dog place in Grandville. But she got the inspiration for the name Polo from the well-known brand Polo with the teddy bear and she said the teddy bear resembles her dog Polo.