Changes seniors have seen


Being a senior I have seen the high school go through so many changes since I first came as a sophomore.
When I first came here as a sophomore the high school to me was big seeing that I was short. Of course it was going to look big to me, but still, I was lost and on the first day of sophomore year I couldn’t find my classes. And the school has the 1st, 2nd floor then also the gymnasiums, of which there are two.
Luckily I didn’t have gym class. And only had two upstairs classes and the rest of them were downstairs.
But now that I’ve been here for three years, I still consider the high school big and open and spacious just how it was years ago but so much has changed.
We have a wing for the 9th graders and the lunch room has changed so much. It used to be in a different room. At the time, the cafeteria wasn’t finished so when it was time for lunch, we used to sit in the spacious gray room with lunch tables. It was so crowded people sat outside, or even in the gym because it wasn’t enough room for everybody.
Looking back at all the things that happened, I realize all the things had to happen to end up where we are now.