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  • November 17Mr. Doyle has the tingle! Could we have a snow day on Friday?

Haylee Velding, Contributing Writer

Many of you might know Haylee because of the sport she played… but not many of you took the time to get to know her. High School has taught Haylee many things, the most important being growth. Growth is not something that you can measure on your own, some supporters in her life are her boyfriend, Keontay, and little sister, Madison. Haylee says she thinks she is closest to Madison because they’re so close in age. Keontay played a big role in her life, as she has learned a lot from him, and grew as a person with Keontay by her side. Your environment plays a big role in your growth, and the people you choose to surround yourself with big decisions to make. Haylee says her advice to her peers would be “Find who your real friends are.”

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Haylee Velding