What is Theater All About?


Have you ever noticed that theater practice is every day? How about you go ask someone in the theater how many times a week they practice? They will tell you 6/7 times a week and then you think to yourself wait, that means they practice on the weekend and yes that is correct. But what is the reason for so many practices? Well “there is so much practice because you want to be able to make the show nights as perfect as possible for the audience’s enjoyment,” Madison explained to me.
Another thing we would like to know. What happens behind the scenes in rehearsal? Well, they go through the whole script making sure everything is good, and then run through the show, and also they make time for setting up the stage for their next upcoming show.
Doing the things we enjoy there is always going to be enjoyable moments and then there are going to be the struggles that everybody goes through because nothing is ever perfect. Some of Madison’s favorite moments are “making memories with everyone there and creating this powerful bond that I have with everyone there and making it a good place for everyone,” but what are some of the struggles they go through? “Sometimes people get a little chaotic when we need to be focused, and having everyone do what they are supposed to do,” Madison explains “for example if we are given a homework assignment most of the time not everyone does it, and most of the time everyone does get along but there are times where it just seems like everyone is going against each other,” we all understand the struggle, but the cast does have amazing bonds with each other.
If you didn’t know the Wyoming theater company has its first show next month I’m pretty sure the dates are the 17th, 18th, and 19th. It is going to be improv, meaning they make the show as they go which they are kind of scared about. We see improv in every show but they have never had just a full show with improv which makes it kind of difficult. But make sure to go watch them next month!