Meet my friend Eulaya Powell


Student Profile

Eulaya Powell is a senior here at Wyoming High School and truly a close friend of mine.
We are about a month or so into school. Some people are managing well and some are starting to go downhill. According to Eulaya “school is going pretty good. Everything you can expect so far from the start of the year. I have been doing pretty well managing my time and extracurriculars. I make sure I’m keeping my days organized. Making good use of my agenda and calendar. But also taking a break when I needed to. “YOLO” and “it’s my senior year” have been my top 2 excuses” Which I can believe that’s how all of us seniors feel. “I’m a procrastinator and I’ve been trying hard to not fall too deeply back into those bad habits,” Eulaya explains. Which I definitely need to start doing because I have been using those excuses way too much and it’s only the beginning of the year.
As a senior it feels so stressful. Everyone is asking you what you are doing after college and some of us know and some of us don’t know which is ok. But Eulaya has some big plans after high school she is gonna finish her 13th year at GRCC due to the fact that she does middle college but then she plans on leaving and going to hbcu which her top picks are Howard and North Carolina A&T then she explains from there “I want to get my masters in law:start an internship at a law firm and work my way up. I’m going to be a federal attorney.” Not everyone sticks to what they want to be when they are young, but even when I first met Eulaya she wanted to go to law school and I know she will be great. Her personality is just amazing to be an attorney.
Did you guys know that Eulaya is our class president? Well, surely I hope you knew that. But what is the exact role that she plays? Well according to Eulaya “I like to best think of myself as a vessel for my peers. It’s imperative to me that my classmates feel heard and understood. I want everyone to walk away satisfied with the way their year was. Obviously, you can’t please everyone, but I at least want people to end off saying that they had a good time.” For a leader, this is the best and most great mindset to have for your peers. She also goes on explaining “I consider myself to be a liaison between my classmates and staff, and because of that I try and remain unbiased as I can. That way I put myself in a position to hear everyone all the same and do my best to uphold people’s concerns and suggestions.” Eulaya always puts in her all for everything to go right and also something everyone will like and enjoy.
I believe that Eulaya is very important to our school I mean she is our class president but not even just that I believe that Eulaya has impacted certain students in our school, she will always speak up for what’s right and what is wrong, she will always do good for people that don’t get recognized as much or appreciated as much as they should which she did for our lunch ladies at our school, and she even won alpha wolf last school year and of course you can see why that is. Every school has a homecoming which comes with someone winning homecoming queen and king. Eulaya entered to win homecoming queen but she was nervous because she explained how she was going up against some good candidates when the time came to announce who won Eulaya’s name was announced as winner for homecoming queen which she was very grateful for and her peers voting for her.
Eulaya is deeply humble when I asked her why she thinks that she is important to the school. This is what she had to say “ first off I am extremely blessed. But secondly to be honest I don’t know. It’s not like I’m not doing something that any person isn’t capable of. It’s just almost as if this is what I’m supposed to be doing. I appreciate the fact that I can stand up for myself and make my voice heard. That’s something that not everyone is capable of, but because of that I think people are drawn to me. My mom calls me a “natural born leader” and I would have to agree; this is all I know. It makes me happy”
If you don’t really know Eulaya or don’t really talk to her I encourage you to, she is a great person to get information from and even amazing feedback or even just to be a great friend.