Verity is a Captivating Book

Riveting, starting, enthralling, and spine-chilling is what Verity by Colleen Hoover entails.
This book is filled with many things. In this fictional novel there is romance, thriller, and suspense. And, many plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat.
Lowen Ashleigh, one of our main characters, is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime. She was asked to finish the work of famous writer Verity Crawford, after the incident that left Verity paralyzed.
In the beginning she has an interview for the position that she was on her way to when unfortunately a man was run over. She had witnessed what happened with now blood splattered on her white shirt. Then she is met with Jermey. She doesnt know at the time that he is the husband of Verity when he helps her.
Now at the interview with her former lover/agent Corey, Jermey, and Verity publishers she is asked to finish the last 3 books of the Verity series. After persuading Lowen then decided to take the deal of a lifetime.
She is then invited to Jermey and Verity’s house to look over notes. She didn’t plan to stay for long when she saw how much work in the Verity office needed to be uncovered. She spends time with Jermey and Crew(Jermeys son). She comes across a manuscript Verity wrote about her life starting from the first time she met Jermey.
As Lowen goes through the manuscript chapter by chapter she discovers deranged things about Verity. And, things about the twins Verity and Jermey had that unfortunately passed. She then starts to experience that Verity is faking her injuries as she falls for her husband Jermey.
The sexual tension between Lowen and Jermey is high. They eventually start things when Lowen then sees Verity at the top of the railing which is “impossible” considering she’s paralyzed. After being freaked out she decides not to indulge in things with Jermey. She fails to do so because of how much she likes Jeremy and how much he likes her. They then indulge in sexual activities but continue to be sneaky. Through it all she continues to experience things like hearing and seeing Verity.
Then one night she gets fed up and starts yelling at Verity. When Jeremy sees this he gets upset and tells her she needs to leave. She then gives him the manuscript she read about Verity.
While waiting for him to finish he hears Jeremy in Veritys room, yelling, screaming, and threatening her. He tells her to stop faking her injuries before he turns her in for what she wrote. Verity then unexpectedly talks and apologizes for everything but Jermey doesnt wanna hear it. He starts choking verity when Lowen comes to stop him. He then stops and then puts his fingers and chokes Verity till she dies.
Couple months later Lowen and Jermey are together with a child of their own on the way. But, when visiting the house Lowen comes across a letter from Verity in her old room. It’s something so unexpected that Lowen keeps it from Jermey to protect him from the truth.
I would recommend this book if you’re interested in suspenseful novels. I give this book a 9.3/10 because of the way it keeps you hooked. Verity by Colleen Hoover is a must read.