Andrew Trieu-The boy who does it all.


Marielis Mejias

Andrew Trieu himself!

When I think of someone funny, determined, and exuberant, I think of Andrew Trieu.

A sophomore here at WHS. Andrew Trieu is genuinely one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve met. Andrew enjoys being here at WHS. “I love meeting new people, and seeing the diversity in our school,” he said.

Andrew is the type of guy who’s involved in everything. He indulges in many activities like Student Council, Sophomore Committee, Key Club, BPA, Book Club, Camps Life, and Trio Talent. He plans to take more in the future.
Andrew’s favorite class here is Mr.Cornell 10th grade Honors English. “I get to sit by my friends,” he said. “Cornell is very funny and sarcastic. I love that I can act like myself… CRAZY!”
Andrew is a prime example of kind hearted. “One thing important to me is not letting people feel left out,” he said. He’s always making sure to include others. If you ever feel left out he’s the guy to go to.
Not only is Andrew determined in school, he’s determined to do what he loves in his future, which is acting.

He’s a very bright spirited young man. He sets his mind to something and goes for it. “I see myself in California, finished with my college degree in acting, taking a few roles,” he said. Andrew’s dream role is to be on Netflix, HBO, or star in a Hallmark movie.
Now if things go south Andrew Trieu has a plan. He doesn’t want to work at a “basic job”. “”I’ve always been into business,” he said. Andrew has sold candy, valentine bags, slime, and lip gloss. He explains that he “just loves marketing/social media as well”.
There’s not one but two Trieu boys here at WHS. Andrew Trieu is twin to Anthony Trieu. Andrew explains that he likes being a twin because “to meet new people through him he gets to meet new people through me.” If you know them you know they are polar opposites. Andrew is the more “ Nicer and social twin” while Anthony is a “basketball player.”
If you ever feel left out or hurt you can go to Andrew Trieu. “If you want to be my friend, I love making new friends,” he said.
Andrew Trieu is a genuine friend, student, and associate to have by your side.