New English Teacher in the Building!


Marielis Mejias

Ms. Vincent is happy to be at WHS.

Ms.Vincent is our new lovely 27 year old English teacher. She teaches “four sections of 10th grade and one section of 9th grade-English.” This is Ms.Vincent’s fifth year teaching as she has taught at Battle Creek for four years, teaching 6th grade.
A little bit about Ms.Vincent is that she graduated from “Stevenson High School in Livonia MI” to where she attended MSU for her “undergrad in English and minor in french”. She is now currently a graduate at MSU as well. Besides where Ms.Vincent went to school she also has a ton of activities she indulges in. Such as “experimenting with cooking” considering she’s also a vegetarian. She loves “ finding culture through food, because food is such an important part of someone’s identity.” She also loves to read, because I mean what English teacher doesn’t. A couple of other things Ms.Vincent enjoys is “going outside, hiking, camping, and playing video games sometimes.”But, watch out guys, she is soon to be Mrs next summer in 2023.
Ms.Vincent is a great aspect to the Wyoming Wolves. She’s fun and enthusiastic and hard not to like. Ms Vincent feels like she’s “already building such a great community for not being here that long.” She feels supported by everyone in the “english department.” And, also the students have been “great” even with their “maturity level” than when she taught 6th graders. She even said that she “held conferences with my students on friday to see how’s it going” in which she got a good experience. She said it “had just felt really organic and unique” and that she is”happy with my relationship so far with the students.”