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Vanessa Castillo

Vanessa Castillo, Contributing Writer

I'm nearing the end of my high school life and will be seen as a “young adult”. It's scary but exciting to get to go towards the direction of the life you desire and want to be. So allow me to introduce myself and who I am.

Hello, my name is Vanessa Castillo. I’m a senior here at Wyoming High School and taking 3rd hour Journalism. A little bit about me is I love to get creative with ideas and just get them to come to life. I do this a lot with my daily routines at home or just in general.
Some facts about me are that I love to dance and it's always been a big part of life. It helps me when I'm feeling stressed or just upset.
Music is also a big factor to help me with my emotions and just be the best version of myself mentally.
Also speaking of mentally, I love meditating. I think it's so important to just have a moment in your day to just sink in your subconscious mind and relax. I try doing this at least every night before bed and it helps me sleep better every time.

So I had the idea for my article to talk about how teens are wasting their youth and lives on their phones. I thought it was important to bring up this topic and show students how decreasing your screen time can improve your health and overall being with life. I also wanted to talk about ways to help prevent wanting to stare at your phone and instead do something productive and fun with your time so you can grow mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Vanessa Castillo