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Logan Schroeder, Contributing Writer

Meet one of our school newspaper writers…Logan Schroeder. Logan is an 18-year-old senior here at Wyoming High School that is graduating class of 2023. He “likes to do sports and play a lot of video games.” Logan is “really into football” although he played wrestling as well “which was fun.”

When it comes to school Logan doesn't” really have a favorite subject” but he is “pretty good at math.” But, now if he had to choose probably be “like gym and stuff” and that's because he “does not have to like sit in a classroom “ and it's “nice to be able to run around.” Also because “ he usually has friends in that class, loves to compete with them.”

As a senior Logan has things like graduating and finding the right college. Logan says that graduating is  “a little scary but also kind of nice because you don't have to worry about the school other than college again, but you have to kind of make your own way now and it's kind of scary.” But before graduating Logan does have plans. Such as the alpha wolf 11 “thinks it's cool and wants to win it.” Also being on the “senior committee” and “the honor society.”

Now after school for Logan is a little scary but he does have a few things in mind. Such as “getting into Ferris State because they have a really good computer programming program” which draws him there because “it's an animation and graphic designing class where you can learn how to animate stuff and get actual games going.” But then Logan doesn't really “know what to do after school.” But we know that whatever he chooses will be great.

Being a senior has taught Logan many things. He has his ups and downs from “really being sick junior year” which made it hard for him to “keep up with his classes and homework” but through it all he's persevered. His advice to the underclassmen would be just “do your homework, and everything else will probably be fine.”

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Logan Schroeder