Join Color Guard!!


Jules Vega

colorguard in the bus before a competition

Members of color guard use rifles, sabres, and flags. Not actual weapons, of course. But they also dance.
Color guard is challenging but rewarding. So do it.
WIth practices held Monday and Tuesday, the guard learns to master their skill with flags and weapons.. But It is overall, a way to keep active and learn a new skill. Wyoming is taught under coach Mikayla James, with winning best Colorguard in 2021.
If you are in doubt about joining and learning the skill, there is help offered. Coaches and leadership meet with members one on one to the individuals needs. Helping each other is in the motto, each member is willing to help whenever.
As a guard, there is a continuous bond amongst the members. Sectionals are held to bond, and start friendships.The sectionals include pizza parties, breakfast, and fun discussions. Joining marching band is joining a family, with Mrs. Van Oyen and Mr. Gurk as director; the band moves steady and gets things done.
The color guard season starts in June, with color guard camp where members learn basics and other skills that will be needed for the season to continue to take place. In July, the band and guard do band camp. The guard learns new drills, new choreography, and conditioning. But also, we do activities with our sections. At night, the band comes together and runs the show. Everyday is a spirit day, it is fun to do and celebrate. The last day of band camp, families join to watch the progress the band has had in all 5 days.
Starting guard is scary and finding your place is hard, but it is easy to grow and be persistent. There will be fun but also challenging times, if you want to challenge yourself: Guard is the place for you. The general run down of guard is learning flagwork with dance-based marching.
This year’s show is Spooky Season, the guard will be possessing the floor with their blood-curdling choreography. Everyone is excited to make new memories and learn new music.
Being in guard is a special experience to make friends, learn something new, and love the art. We travel to three competitions, getting to show your mastered skills to other A class bands. Some competition days are full days long but it is enjoyable. Getting to make memories with the team, like bus rides. The guard sits in the back all together. It is usually funny jokes, music, and singing all around.
The Wyoming Color Guard performs at football games, it is a good way to support your school and have school spirit. Their guard sits with the band and cheers them on as they play stand tunes. At halftime, we all gather focus and perform the show for everyone.
This is a social activity and a great way to meet new people with different backgrounds and stories.
“Colorguard is family,” says Stephanie Cronkright, a past color guard member.
“We all are working hard to get to the same goal” Cronkright continued.
Color Guard is honestly rewarding. Having the opportunity to accomplish and learn something new is beautiful. Colorguard grows and learns together to the point where it is family.
This year’s captain was announced to be Symone Gray, she is to be a senior. Symone joined guard in 2021 for the show “Inside The Web”.
During concert season, she plays tenor saxophone.
She explains what guard is to her: “It was a way to turn my life around, I struggled my freshman year and with color guard I was able to open up more and find a part of myself ” If you want a built-in family, guard is the place for you.