Mr. McHugh’s teacher life

Mr. McHugh, the Economics and Government teacher. He is such a nice teacher and his class can be pretty fun. Although sometimes the class will get really loud but his instructions are easy to follow and to complete.

Something that Mr. McHugh gets inspired by is the way how us students can achieve our goals.

“I want to try and impact on students. I want to spread positivity to them so they can achieve their goals.” Mr. McHugh smiled.

Mr. McHugh wants to spread positivity to other students and wants to make a difference. He wants to work hard just like how his dad worked hard.

“I looked up to my dad because he worked hard and looked out for other people. He was considerate about people’s feelings,” Mr. McHugh said.

His dad was his inspiration to keep going. He saw how his dad treated everyone with a good heart, how he spreaded positivity, and how he helped everyone in the community.

Mr. McHugh isn’t just an ordinary teacher in Wyoming High School. He is someone who you can talk to about anything and he’ll listen to you without judging. He is happy to be here in Wyoming High School.

“My favorite part in Wyoming High School is the students and the diversity. I like how everyone gets together and be friends. I’m also different from other teachers as well because I don’t have a background in teaching. This is my second career. I originally had a business degree first before everything else,” Mr. McHugh smiled.

Mr. McHugh is definitely one of the greatest teachers in Wyoming High School. He is a fun teacher and he’s also really kind. I really appreciate Mr. McHugh for being a great teacher. I’m also grateful for having him as a teacher this year.