Review: Your place or mine?


Is cliche, overdone, and predictable rom-coms your sort of thing? Well Your Place or Mine is perfectly that. Two best friends that are afraid of admitting their love for each other, one of them has a kid, and the other one can’t keep a relationship. Although this same story has been done a million times I don’t think that this movie was bad, but just what you’d expect in a rom-com.

Debbie (Reese Witherspoon) gets married and has a son, Jack (Wesley Kimmel). She ends up divorcing Jack’s father, so he can be free. She’s a very overbearing and protective mother, Jack is really not allowed to do anything. On the other hand Peter (Ashton Kutcher) is the man who cannot keep a relationship for more than six months, and is more of the ‘fun guy’ who lets loose a lot.

Peter had moved away from Los Angeles to New York, regardless of him moving, him and Debbie would call every single day, every night before bed, and every single morning. They knew everything about each other, or so they thought. Then Debbie has a chance to go to New York but needs a babysitter for Jack, and Peter then offers. So Peter goes back to Los Angeles and Debbie goes to New York and they stay at each other’s houses.

While at each other’s houses, Debbie snooped around and found a book that Jack made and tried getting it published by her favorite author and the second love choice, Theo (Jesse Williams). While Peter was at Debbie’s house he let Jack free and let him do things his mother never would. The relationship that grew between Jack and Peter is definitely the best part of the movie.

Overall the story itself was good. However it doesn’t have an original plot, has overused characters, the basic second love choice, and you never get to see Debbie and Peter’s relationship blossom. With all those negative things, I think that’s what makes it a good rom-com. It’s humorous, does the characters well, the second choice made sense, and never getting to see their relationship blossomed made sense for the story even if it sucked not seeing that.

The only thing that made this movie suffer was that we never got to see the two together until the very end. It was all through calls at the beginning, then they didn’t interact as much in between, except again a few phone calls. In the end Your Place or Mine, is a very basic, not a groundbreaking movie, but it is still enjoyable to watch.