Puss In Boots Was a Long Time Coming


Puss in boots: The last wish was released by the end of last year, December 21, 2022. This movie was remarkable for its budget and became one of the highest-gross-income movies of 2022. I personally enjoyed every moment of this action-packed movie of an iconic Pixar character.
This movie starts with Puss in Boots in a castle. This castle was taken over by Puss in boots, from a corrupt Noble that looked over a village. When the king returned he was upset because he ruined his house. The King sends his guards at him. He manages to evade and win against the guards. While fighting he set off fireworks making loud explosions and waking up a sleeping giant near the village. The giant ends up completely demolishing Noble’s manner and kidnapping some of the villagers.
When I looked at the giant, the first thing I saw was the sheer size of the giant towering over the castle. And with one blue illuminating eye and the other having an eye patch. And its strong build that could peel open the top of the manner.
Then Puss in Boots strikes the giant to save the villagers. Puss in boots and the giants have a very cool and cinematic fight through the city with Puss making the decisive blow by making him knock himself out with a bell the giant was swinging as a weapon against the fierce felon. And after about to sing about how amazing he is. He dies.
When he wakes up he is in a Vets office and manages to survive sort of, he actually died. But he’s living because a cat has 9 lives and he’s used up 8 of his lives. So after the Vet, he went to a cavern where he drank milk. This is where we also run into the main antagonist. The big bad wolf except for there’s a twist the wolf is from Russian fairy tales where it’s 10 times scarier. Mainly because the wolf in this movie is portrayed as death literally. After that Puss fights Death and ends up losing and running away. “The fearless felon that laughs in the face of death”, runs. Honestly, this kinda move shows some of his characters that he hasn’t shown in any other movie. So this is what makes the show so great.
After he runs away he goes to this granny’s house that has a bunch of cats. This place is where he’s taken in. He meets a cute dog disguised as a cat named Perito, and spends a few months there interrupted. Till Goldilocks and the three bears show up. They are portrayed as British thugs which was incredibly funny. They ruff up the house and the granny while looking for puss in boots. They end up not being able to recognize him because he had grown a beard since being taken in. So they leave and while they’re leaving they talk about how they wanted to hire him. To take the map of the last wishing star. That had been obtained by Jack Horner.
Jack Horner is a super-successful pie baker. But he’s also ruthless, dead inside, and insatiable. As Puss goes to find the map inside the factory after sneaking in he runs into his old fiance. They end up taking the map together and running off with it. We also get to see how death is stalking Puss as he shows up in a crowd behind the carriage they used to escape.
They make it to where the road of the map starts to find the last wishing star. I found this really interesting. The Map changes to it the fears of the holder, to challenge them.
So the Dog that has been with them the whole time Perito takes the map because he is pure and naive, so the challenges are easier.
As they are making it through the map they are being pursued by Jack Horner and the Goldy gang. They end up catching up and fighting each other. And the Goldy gang uses the map but this also changes the map while everyone is there splitting many of them apart. But as Goldy makes it to the final challenge. She gets stuck in her childhood and they all start falling asleep.
Puss and his group end up taking the map back and making it to the star. And this is when they get to see Death one more time and puss ends up winning because he’s changed his perspective on life and isn’t taking it for granted anymore, which was heartwarming. And they end up getting Jack Horner killed and they live happily ever after.
This movie was terrific with no boring moments, and is a 10/10 watch. I love every character but my favorite has to be Perito when he’s captured by the goldy gang.