Decision Day!


May 1: the day is coming up! National Decision Day is the important step seniors in high school take in order to decide how they’re going to plan their future. Not only is it the day colleges are expecting their admitted students to make their deposits and decisions, it’s also a celebration for seniors who have publicly declared their decisions, and how that’s going to impact them moving forward.
A common question that arises during this time: what exactly HAS to be done on decision day? Luckily, an article on the Nitro website has included all of the steps needed to be taken. On decision day, students have applied for colleges, received their acceptance letters, filed their FAFSA forms, received their financial aid, yet they might not have decided on the college that works best for them yet.
For some students, they know where they want to attend. For other students, deciding on the place a student wants to spend the next chunk of their life can be tricky. Katarsky, the author of the Nitro article, explains how factors such as programs, opportunities, and financial aid can all be leading to a student’s final decision, so those who are undecided before May 1 often have a lot of comparative choices to make.
When they do make that choice, they need to pay their enrollment deposit in order to communicate with the college and let them know they’re planning to attend there. Oftentimes, when a student does not make their deposit in time, the school they have been accepted to will no longer suspect that the student is planning to attend there and will be put “on hold” as far as students who are emitted.
The article emphasizes how students need to keep in mind that May 1 might be National Decision day; however, not all colleges abide by this deadline. Some schools are more understanding of students and the factors that contribute to their decision-making. Regardless, most schools are expecting students to make a general decision around May 1.
Another detail students should be aware of: decision day is not just a college celebration. The day is also for students who are planning to attend trade school or who are going straight into the workforce. Decision day is for everyone, regardless of what they decide they’re going to do after they graduate. Deciding not to attend college does not make decision day any more or less honorable for them.
With the upcoming date approaching, students are getting prepared for their big decision announcements. As an example: Hailey Velding is a senior at Wyoming High School who has made her decision prior to the deadline. After she graduates, she is planning on attending Grand Rapids Community College until she receives her associate’s degree. She finds this opportunity convenient because she is already enrolled in the college through the dual enrollment program.
After she finishes up at GRCC, Velding is planning to transfer to another school to continue her education. Currently, her interests would be to study business and management, she has already taken a business course through dual enrollment, or she would like to go down the path of becoming a registered nurse or physician assistant, specializing in dermatology.

Seniors, do not worry. Decision day may seem overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Even if you don’t have everything figured out yet, there is still time; a great amount of people still don’t have everything planned out for the future.
For those who have already made their decision, senior year is going to be a downhill roller coaster from here on. Seniors all over America are going to pass a great milestone in their lives, and there is no better way to celebrate than the honor of officially deciding what to do next.