Can Ding Liren Bounce Back in the 2023 Chess Championship?


Economic Times

The 2023 chess championship has been an intense battle in the trenches between Ding Liren of China and Ian Nepomniachtchi of Russia. The players have been trading blows game after game and they have finally reached an even score of 6-6. The chess champion has to be at 7.5 points to win the chess match and become the champion overall. Liren just equalized the match at 6 games by winning the most recent chess game in the series.

Although, the match overall has been competitive throughout. The players have been trading blows in the match and no one has been able to completely dominate the other player throughout the entire match. This makes things interesting and adds excitement because you don’t know which player is going to come out on top.

I am personally rooting for Ding Liren to win the match overall because of his recent comeback in the match being down 1.5 games recently, but able to come back and win the most recent game. I like a good underdog and Liren technically is one spot below Ian in the rankings so I decided to root for him. Overall, the match has been a good watch and I would recommend watching the next game if you haven’t started watching already because it’s about to get intense in game thirteen.