Breaking Bad Season 3 Is Pretty Bad


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Season Three of Breaking Bad is one of the most dramatic, realistic, drug, and gang shows that you could possibly watch on Netflix. And I think this season they made was absolutely not it. Mainly because it’s completely something else this season.
The season began with a plane crash caused by a plane navigator. That had started to zone out, making two planes crash over the city in Texas. The navigator zoned out because his daughter had just died and that’s all he had. Which was really sad, but oh well that’s no excuse you shouldn’t have been back on the job if you were mentally unstable. I’m honestly not too sure who to blame for his daughter’s death because she was on drugs and died by drowning in her vomit. But Walter had touched her and accidentally flipped her over making it possible to drown in it.
Then Walter White starts to try to make up with Skyler because she had figured out that Walter was a drug cook. And that ends up making Skyler mad enough to start cheating on him and kicking him out of the house. It was honestly a good choice to kick him out of the house because it keeps the family safer by making them less connected. Walter was to get in trouble. But still, this was not something I really cared about because I feel like they didn’t need to make Skyler figure it out because there was no definite reason for Skyler to believe he makes/sells drugs.
And the last thing I want to talk about is how stupid Walter is for deciding to continue making drugs after a couple of near-death situations. And putting his family in danger. When he decides to join up with a more influential drug distributor named Guatavo Fring. Gustavo owns a chicken franchise named Los Pollos Hermanos that helps him sell drugs all across the West Coast. In a way, Gustavo is the man I feel like you won’t be able to get away from. Mainly because he has connections with the cartel. This will probably make it very difficult to hide in different states in the U.S.