Alpha Wolf Celebration


The Alpha Wolf Celebration is what everyone has been waiting for. It is an event where everyone gets together to have a good time.

“It is a good time and place. Mostly giving recognition to the people who deserve it. I think it is pretty cool rewarding people,” our speaker in the Alpha Wolf, Josh Kortz, smiled.

It is a get-together for everyone to have a good time and to be with their friends. A lot of people get emotional when they win because it is either surprising and they felt like they have done a huge accomplishment for the first time or sometimes it is either because they want to be seen.

“It’s good. Everyone comes together during the Alpha Wolf as a family. One disadvantage about the Alpha Wolf is that there are people who are not popular and a lot of them aren’t recognized that they are also alpha wolves. I think they should be recognized more to get an award to be an Alpha Wolf,” our sophomore, Anthony Trieu said.

Anthony is experiencing the Alpha Wolf celebration for the first time. Not only that, freshmen have joined the party. We are all thankful for the freshmen and sophomores joining us.

“It’s just an assembly. I still have fun during the Alpha Wolf Celebration because I’m with my friends and I get to see the people in my grade get rewarded for Alpha Wolf,” said Angel Aviles feeling proud of his classmates.

As for everyone, most everyone thinks it is useless but at the same time, a way to be with friends for a long period of time has fun in the end, and say that they had a great time. For all the freshmen and sophomores, it is this coming Alpha Wolf celebration that will be their second time. As for the juniors and seniors, we all hope that you can enjoy and have fun.