Why the Willow Project will be the end of world


Climate Change is killing Polar Bears

The world is ending, and faster than we know.
The Willow Project is a multi-billion dollar oil/gas project that will take place in Alaska. President Biden approved this world-destroying project on March 13, 2023. Get ready for a whole new planet, and not a good one.
I’ve never been angrier than I am now. I am an aspiring environmental engineer and learning that Biden has approved of this revolting and foul project helps me realize how much our Earth crucially NEEDS us to help it.
According to Alaska’s News Source, the Willow Project is going to end up killing many animals who live in Alaska. It will also kill the environment, worsen the climate, and maybe even cause food shortages.
This will happen because of the excessive carbon it will release, which will be around 260 million tons, the same amount as 66 coal plants in America.
The air and water would then get polluted, ruining it for the animals that live there.
The excessive amount of carbon in the atmosphere will soon spread and worsen the climate of Alaska and the rest of the US.
Food shortages are already starting to develop around the world. This project will end up ruining the soil and we won’t be able to grow all the varieties of vegetables, berries, and fruit that are grown in Alaska, including Alaska peonies.
What’s the point of this project?
The entire point of this is to produce around 576 million barrels of oil over 30 years, meaning 180,000 barrels of oil a day. Ironically, this will be done by freezing the Arctic permafrost to stabilize the drilling equipment.
This will create one of the largest carbon bombs in the entire US.
This is a controversial topic because a lot of people support it. Although the Willow Project will create new jobs and give us more fossil fuel energy, there are other ways to go.
We are slowly destroying our beautiful Earth and this project is accelerating our deaths.
The animals living in Alaska are already suffering due to climate change, which will make them extinct. They reduced the acres of their project so they don’t hurt ‘that much’ of Alaska.
I don’t know how stupid the government is but this is not going to help the environment, not at all.
We all need to step up for our planet and fight for what is right. I believe we can help change Biden’s mind and put a stop to this outrageous act. President Biden is truly becoming a loathsome president, breaching our trust. He is no longer a confidant.
WE need to take control now. We can no longer trust Biden to do the right thing for our precious Earth.