Our senior: Mariano Miranda-Torres

Mariano Miranda-Torres, also addressed as “Mario”, is a senior in Wyoming High School. He had good memories here in Wyoming High School and he can’t wait until graduation. He’s funny and kind and he’s also my good friend. I hope people can get to know him.

“Well, I’m going to miss Mrs. Bernatowicz and Ms. Wallace.” Mario said.

Mario had good memories with these two teachers and he doesn’t want to forget them. He is grateful for everything that they had done for him and how they helped him get through his high school years. There are many more obstacles to overcome but Mario is strong enough to be successful.

“Although it is more stressful and a lot busier, I made more friends.” Mario smiled.

Well good job my good friend. I’m proud of you that you still keep working hard. He has been really busy throughout his senior year because there are more assignments and getting ready for graduation and there are some classes that he needs to finish. I know you can do it Mario!

Mario has been my friend since his junior year and while I was in my sophomore year. We were in the same math class, geometry. He can be your friend too. His senior year has been feeling the same for him.

“From my sophomore year to my senior year, it felt the same. The teachers just expect more from you and it’s busy. I have a lot of things to do.” Mario pointed out. Even though he pointed out what happened in his high school years, he has made it through.

If you’re seeing this Mario, thank you for always being my best friend. I sincerely thank you for everything. Although I won’t see you walking down the field in your graduation, I congratulate you beforehand.