The Thriller show, “The Glory”, seems interesting


The new thriller show on Netflix, The Glory, seems interesting. The show tells a story of a young girl in her high school years. She was the target of a group of bullies. The flashback in the show was amazing. It was done well.

In the flashback, a girl named Moon Dong-eun came across of her being in the gym first. Five bullies were bullying Moon Dong-eun. They used a curling iron to burn her skin. She was left with many scars.

Ever since that day when she graduated from her high school years and went to college as well, she was vengeful. She had a malicious thought that probably no one would’ve expected. As the good saying goes, “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.” Well, she added one more thing, “Torture for death.”

Her life was very agitated. The bullies were agitating Moon Dong-eun. I do recommend the show if the thriller genre is your go-to.

If I were going to rate this show, I’d rate it a 10 out of 10. By far a really good K-Drama show. My favorite scene is when she meets a guy who treats her well and who’s always worried about her. I really like her confidence because, in her small flashback, she didn’t have any confidence and didn’t know how to stand up for herself.

The show is very sad. Moon Dong-eun can never forget what happened in her past. Not only had she had scars on her arms and legs but also her heart. She was traumatized by the actions of others because no one helped her when she was domestically beaten up by the other peers. The show can be viewed in different ways but in this case, the moral of the story is to not bully others and look down on them.