Madame Wood’s French Feast Tradition Continues


Matthew Czurak, Contributing Writer

NOTE: Madame Wood’s French classes will be showcasing a “French Feast” as part of the Festival of the Arts on March 25.

Madame Wood has continued her tradition of giving her students a taste of french cuisine with her yearly french feast. We would like to thank Madame as well as thank some of the students who brought food including, but not only consisting of Ezekeial Bunnel who made chocolate mousse, Magnus Farris who brought french onion soup, Joahne Berry who brought ratatouille, Dillan Powel who brought soupe au pistou, and all the other students who brought dishes for the feast. Madame also had baguettes, crepes, beef bourguignon, and an assortment of cheeses. Many teachers and staff came by to try some of the food, even Mr. Cornell came by to try some, “I had French Onion soup and it was delicious. Everyone was enjoying themselves. It was fun to visit”.

La fête française!

If you love trying new foods and learning new languages I recommend you see Madame Wood and join French Class next year.