Prom 2023

Prom is almost here. Let’s prepare and look at our theme, Moonlight on the Mediterranean. It is set in ancient Greece ideally. So break out your tunics and togas, and prepare for a night in the Greek ruins.
The primary colors are gold, blue, and white but Greek mythology-inspired outfits are encouraged. Feel free to get creative, within the school dress code, of course.
Prom will be held on April 22nd, at the Prince Conference Center. It happens to be the same place as last year. “we are aware not many people liked that spot, we didn’t choose it. It was predetermined, and we accept as much feedback as possible to improve your experience” said Symone Gray, a member of the Junior Committee.
Prices are yet to be determined, but as a committee, they are working toward an affordable option that all students can purchase with ease. Because of the increased formality, it obviously wouldn’t be as cheap as homecoming
They are taking song suggestions, if you want a song make sure you request it early. Do not wait until the day of! So start picking your favorites, and start sending them in.
Most importantly, make sure you support our junior committee and follow their Instagram, @whs_classof_2024_
Most updates will be posted there, so find your Zeus-inspired outfits and get ready to party with Aphrodite!