Songs that remind our students of the Junior High

As many students try to remember our middle school years, we remember the Junior High The moments and years spent there, for some it was a positive experience. But, others have a negative look. Take a look at some of our students favorites, and maybe take a listen.

“Fever Dream” by Mxmtoon
“It had a weird euphoric feeling that I couldn’t shake and felt in contrast to the person I was becoming in Junior High verus who I really am, and the image of an optimistic person even when I couldn’t be.” – Symone Gray (Junior)

A Whole New World from Aladdin
“I was new to Wyoming, and the first friends I made were questionable.” – Martin Bedolla (Senior)

Old Town Road by Lil Nas X
“Everyone was talking about that song, it was popular.” – Isaac Zavala (Junior)

Pretty Boy Swag by Souja Boy
“I feel like every guy thought they had ‘pretty boy swag’ even me and it was just really funny” – Jeremiah Mulero (Sophomore)

“Junior High had been the worst experience I had in my life. It was personally traumatic, and it felt like I was going to collapse.” – Rhiley Vandyken (Freshman)

Carnival of the Animals, R.125: The Swan from the Organ Symphony
“For me, this song is honestly brokenly beautiful. It has many ups and downs, my lowest point for me was junior high. But in the end, I found peace. It has a remisincing feeling to it. Classical is my favorite genre.” – Isabelle Mosher (Senior)

Sicko Mode by Travis Scott
“It came out in 2019, and that’s when I started expanding my music (to different genres yada yada) . When we were in quarantine, it was still number 1 on billboard so it was always playing. Even though, it seems overplayed to me it is considered a classic” – Wyatt Hall (Junior)

QKThr by Aphex Twin
“I felt small, mentally speaking. Always blue during the junior high days” – Johny Delgado (Sophomore)

The Night Is Still Young by Nicki Minaj
“It was a good song that hid my trauma.” – Hayden Peltier (freshman)

I Hate All of You by Brvnks
“It reminded me of my 8th-12th grade experience. Personally, I just didn’t vibe with the people from school. I’m sure they’re all great people now, but in middle school and the beginning of high school everyone was rude because of hormones.” – Victoria Castillo (class of 2022)