Are My Top 5 Favorite Video Games Valid?


Rocket League

When categorizing my video games into different categories and overall scores I find that a certain amount of my games fit into the list perfectly and make a beneficial experience for me personally while enjoying them with a friend or even by myself. While assessing these games I created a top-five list based on every aspect of the game, also with maybe a little bit of bias worked into the equation.

At number five I decided to put a game in that I played for a little bit and I play a lot sparingly now considering the other games on this list. It’s a battle royale similar to Fortnite, but it has some aspects I just enjoy more overall. Especially when you consider the R-301 being one of my favorite weapons to use in the game to take down my opponents. This game is Apex Legends. Apex Legends encompasses all of the things to be a top-five game on this list. It has classic first-person shooter gameplay with special abilities in each character to make the game feel fresh every time you boot up a new game.

At number four I have Elden Ring. I never ended up beating this game because I kind of stopped playing at a certain point and haven’t picked it up since. I’ve been thinking about redownloading it back onto my gaming console, but I feel like some of the games towards the forefront of this list stop me from doing that. This is due to the time I have invested, especially in the number one game on this list. Elden Ring was an interesting game when I played it and I enjoyed the competitiveness and liveliness the game always brought, even when the going got rough and the game got a little more challenging than it was before.

At number three I have Battle Chess. People may wonder why I put such a simple game as chess at my number three slot. Well, this game is special. The mechanics of the game Battle Chess are fairly basic just like normal chess and it also has the same kinds of strategies and openings you can use to defeat your opponent, but the way that this is different is the fighting gestures that occur after you take a piece. For example, if you take a pawn with a queen, you know that the queen took the pawn, but the game shows you a short fighting scene after you physically take the piece in the game. If that situation usually happens the queen will destroy the pawn in one shot or a few blows, but if it’s more evenly matched the fight will take longer even though you know who wins. Overall, Battle Chess is the same exhilarating chess game you would play on your board at home, but it adds a little bit of spice to the equation so it’s not as boring or unexciting as it would be.

At number two I have selected a game on the SNES. This game is Tecmo Super Bowl three. This game is a classic football game and it’s one of the most exciting games to play from back in the day. Especially when your favorite team still has the hall of famer Barry Sanders on it. The gameplay itself has the retro graphics of back in the day and if you’ve played retro bowl on your phone you would sort of understand what I’m talking about here. The game has its funny moments and disappointing moments, but overall just going against someone in the man versus man mode is fun and exciting, and the game is really nonchalant and easy to pick up and play for new players. Overall, it’s a great experience and I highly recommend playing.
At number one I have the game that I have logged more than 2,000 hours into. This game is definitely my favorite of all time and will probably always be my favorite. The game I’m speaking of is Rocket League. To give a basic summary the game is basically car soccer with boosts. You use the boosts to beat your opponents to the ball and score the ball into their opposing nets. Now it sounds simple when I lay it out like that, but there are plenty of things in the game that only a few people know about. One of these things is the mechanics needed to control the car. Many hours of just playing in training by yourself and working on your mechanics will allow you to hit the ball at max capacity and use as much force as possible to hit that ball in the opponent’s net. Overall, I will probably never stop playing Rocket League and I will always find time to work this game into my schedule at least playing once a week to keep my skills fresh and ready for the next match.