NFL Award Ceremony Thoughts


Daniel Bartel- USA TODAY Sports

Aidan Hutchinson pictured above also nominee for Defensive Rookie of the Year.

Do you enjoy seeing your favorite football players being rewarded for their performances well the NFL awards are for you. The NFL yearly Honors award ceremony happened recently on the night of February 10, 2023 and it honored the best rookies, the MVP, the comeback player of the year, the coaches of the year, the Walter Payton man of the year and the hall of fame class.
I think these awards are a great way to incentivize the players for playing well and is a way to get the fans and “experts” together to discuss who they think is the best respectively. More often than not these so called analysts are as bad as the referees have been this season in the NFL and during Wyoming Basketball even. Although I am a lions fan it sucks to see Aidan Hutchinson finish as the runner up for the defensive rookie of the year but Sauce Gardner was arguably the best cornerback in the NFL last year and that is just plain hard to beat. But we all know Hutch is the better singer and dancer. If they could have a tie for the vote I think that they deserved the tie because they both single handedly helped win games for the jets and the lions.
The biggest snubs from winning the award in my opinion were Ben Johnson not winning Assistant Coach of the Year. Who coached a top 3 offense in the league. The assistant coach for the 49ers ended up winning it and his name was Demeco Ryans. In my opinion I believe that it wasn’t the coordinator that makes the 49ers defense so good but it was the players themselves. Because the defense has been good for so long that the coach didn’t change much.
Lastly the MVP was Patrick Mahomes and I believe that it should’ve been a unanimous vote but somehow Josh Allen got a vote although he makes irrational decisions and often puts himself and his offense in danger. While Patrick Mahomes was almost perfect this season with only one star offensive player with Travis Kelce.
I feel as if a lot of the voters tend to go with their favorite players based off of their hometown teams instead of who is statistically better. The voting system could be changed but I don’t know if it ever will.