Wyoming Basketball Player Logan Marvin Shines


Logan Marvin

If you were to ask, “Who is the soul-crushing shooter at Wyoming High School?” Most people would point to number 20 on the varsity basketball team, Logan Marvin. Logan Marvin is most known for his catch-and-shoot abilities during open runs at the gym. Whether it be in the high school gym or YMCA you can almost always find him with a basketball in his hand.

Logan started playing basketball 8 years ago when he saw it on TV and decided he wanted to play the sport. “I watched a lot of Curry growing up… he was my inspiration to work on my shot.” Curry is the starting point guard and unanimously the best shooter in NBA history. Last year he achieved the record for most three-pointers made.

An interesting fact about Logan is that he is completely self-trained and is humble about his shooting. When I asked what grade he felt like he was an amazing shooter Logan interrupted with “Personally I don’t claim I’m the best shooter in Wyoming… There are a lot of great shooters.” Logan gave props to his teammate Alyjah Chandler who recently won MTV player of the week. Saying that Alyjah is one of the only people who can probably beat Logan in a shot-for-shot.

Logan ended the interview by talking about his practice routine after school and going to the YMCA during the weekends to practice drills. “First semester I was in the weight room every day… this offseason will be focused on more weight lifting activities.” So his plans are to get bigger and stronger while still being an efficient 3-point shooter.

Overall Logan Marvin is a great basketball player with an even better work ethic. Getting in shots whenever he can and wanting to contribute to his team any way he can. On or off the court Logan is a great guy to be around who is always giving out advice on health and fitness to anyone that may have questions.