Wasting Time Away With… Ducks?

Wasting Time Away With... Ducks?

Allison Ensing, Writer

Have you ever sat at your house, bored out of your mind while scrolling through TikTok? Have you ever wanted to have something really entertaining to watch? Something different, something interesting.

May I introduce you to Placid Plastic Duck Simulator.

The game itself is quite literally nothing more than watching plastic ducks slowly fill up your pool. Yet, I still have spent almost 24 hours in it.

“Why, Allison, would you put almost a day’s worth of time into a game where you do nothing but watch ducks?” you may ask. Here’s the thing: it’s not actually just watching ducks.

There’s a whole collection of ducks to get. All you have to do is keep the game running and they’ll come in no time. Maybe a few hours. You can name them, too.

My personal favorite is a blue one I named Arizona Tea. The pool eventually will be swarming with an army of ducks. World domination is imminent.

The game would be awfully boring if there were no sounds to go with it, so of course there’s a radio next to a lawn chair that plays a variety of different songs and radio talks; nothing copyrighted, of course.

According to the radio, there was a massive ship in the 1900s that crashed with tons of rubber ducks left floating in the ocean. You can even see them floating by, to this day! Quite Literally.

Alongside the duck, watching is a variety of scripted events that lead to different achievements. Sometimes there will be a flock of ducks passing by the ocean, an airplane flying by, or even an alien ship abducting your ducks.

Grab a friend or few to make the experience even greater. You can watch your ducks float on while narrating the experience. Commentary from the crowd improves the game tenfold.

Most of my hours were spent on a call with a few friends, watching and waiting for the next duck to come up.

There was one duck we named Daisy-Belle and it somehow disappeared into the ocean, so we spent the rest of the day waiting for her to reappear in our pool while watching new ducks come in. At around 2 a.m., she came back. The wait was worth it.

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator’s got everything you could ever need to kill time, all at the low, low price of $1.99. This article is not sponsored, but play the game anyway.