We LOVE Mrs. Dolce


Jules Vega, Contributing Writer

Energetic. Funny. Easy-going. This AW11 teacher has inspired many students of Wyoming in her Government class. Mrs. Dolce teaches Government and Economics and she loves what she does.
“I love being a teacher, she said. “I love being a part of our school and our community. I am proud to be a part of Wyoming.”
The students of Wyoming love her class and bubbly personality.
Dolce has an undergraduate degree in political science and communications from GVSU. Before deciding to be a teacher, she was a junior varsity Volleyball coach for Wyoming Park. She was working in broadcasting and communication but was unhappy in her area. Some players told Dolce “I wish our teachers would teach us our subjects like you teach us volleyball.”
Mrs. Dolce had been 24 and decided to go back to college. She got her masters in teaching at Aquinas College.
After teaching for so many years, Mrs. Dolce is sadly retiring from our school. She will be missed by many students when she leaves in June. Dolce calls it ‘bittersweet’ as she has the time to retire.
But she’s not ready.
Dolce loves her students. She is thinking about doing a second career but doesn’t know what it would be. Her AP government class has been getting into depth on the public defender system in America. The issue is not having enough, she thinks a public defender is a great opportunity to help the people who cannot afford one.
After retirement, Dolce dreams of visiting Italy. She wants to spend two weeks there with her husband. Besides teaching, she enjoys exercise: yoga, walking, and trips to the beach. She also enjoys reading and anything that includes relaxing!
This year, Dolce has made a change for herself. Someone who has impacted her most is herself, and the new mindset she has begun to take on. She talks about “perception” and worrying about what people think of her. The concept of perfection is something many people struggle with and it is great to have growth.
2022-23 is Dolce’s favorite year. Her students are hard workers and she loves it. The students here have changed their vision. “I feel like we are the same people, even though our demographics are different,” she said.
She grew up where there was almost no diversity, Now her students teach her a different way of life. The many cultures in Wyoming have opened her eyes to a new light.
She cannot believe this is her last year. Dolce believes teaching is her destiny, and nothing could have made her regret this experience.