Is Chess Making a Comeback?




`In 2023, has risen to heights it has never seen before. The player database is exploding and the server is starting to cause a 502 error with the high influx of people joining in on the game of chess. Lunch tables at Wyoming are now covered in Chromebooks and the classic yell of checkmate after a win gives one player sorrow and the other happiness. Not everyone is completely invested in the game of chess at school.

Optically speaking most people are giving chess a try, but not everyone has their Chromebook out.

`Obviously, there are students that are into chess. One of these people is Alan Ramos. “Check!” He yells. “Then takes, takes, takes, takes, then that must be mate in four!”

He was a little wrapped up in his chess game, but that’s okay because he understands the Grand Prix opening. All chess players worldwide will and should accept him for his flaws.

`Players like Alan have been playing chess for a few weeks now and it’s starting to cause that error I talked about before. Some players feel as if the site should be updated more often and that they need to be able to have a higher capacity than they do now if they want to keep all of these chess players.

` Eventually, some people gave a little bit of a backlash to everyone all of a sudden playing chess. One of those students is Tyler Bos.

“I mean the person in the video said the Grand Prix,” he said. “That term alone shows you how nerdy and lame chess is, especially when they are turning a car racing into a chess opening.” Students like Tyler have a problem that chess players don’t have.

This mental disability is not having the ability to understand high-level chess openings like the Grand Prix. This is understandable because even people like Tyler, who don’t understand the Grand Prix opening, can make a living in their chess careers. Overall, people have started to flock to chess and I can understand why it might become one of the most trending topics.