Comfort Movies

When I think about my all-time comfort movie, it has to be, “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind”; it cuts deep. Even though the film portrays heartbreak and erasing heartfelt memories that the two main characters shared. I always find myself always rewatching it. As I talked to Josh Kortz I was surprised to figure out that “Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind”, is also his favorite movie. It’s a movie that can “get him in his feels.” he said. He watched this movie when he was a child and it “brings him into tune with his emotion.” he said.

As I went around the table and interviewed Kelly Valdez, Gabriella, and Dominique. I opened the question to their all-time comfort movie/show. Gabriella shared that her all-time comfort movie is Rio. The basis of movie is about two birds falling in love. I didn’t get any quotes, but Rio is an all-around feel-good movie. The themes of courage, friendship, and sacrifice are portrayed throughout the movie.

Dominique found “Perfect Blue” as her comfort movie. Perfect Blue is a Thriller/mystery based on a retired pop singer who turned into an actress but is faced with an obsessive fan that starts stalking her. I remember hearing about this movie from my sister. With two people recommending it, I have to add this to my must-watch list.

Kelly Valdez’s all-time comfort movie is the 2004 A Cinderella Story. As for the comfort aspect, a Cinderella story is a “childhood classic.” she said. Samantha (Hillary Duff) is dealing with the death of her father. She is left to live with her evil stepmother and sisters. Starting her school year, the hottest guy just so happens to be her secret pen pal known as Nomad. The “carefree feeling” that is gained from watching this movie is worth a rewatch.

Overall, I love the concept of comfort movies/shows. The folder in my notes app is constantly growing as I add more movies. Whether I am having a good day or just need to pick me up, I always get a heartwarming feeling in the end. Movies/ shows carry memories and emotions that become encapsulated until watched again. That’s why I will forever share and appreciate the movies/shows I hold close to my heart.