Coach VK: a Mentor and a Leader


More Than a Coach
“Stop selling yourself short, the fear of success and the fear of failure is so high.”
Wise words from one of the greatest coaches in school history, Coach VanderKlay. A father, teacher, leader, and mentor to all, but we mostly know him as our Wyoming Wolves Basketball Coach. For decades, Coach VanderKlay has led his teams to victory but there is more to him than just basketball.
Coach VanderKlay has been a part of this community his whole life. He went to school, raised his family of 3 with his wife, and lives, teaches, and coaches here. I was curious to know what motivated him to be able to do it for so long. Everyday Coach VanderKlay attacks the day and is always someone you can rely on.
“I am extremely loyal, that is just who I am,” Coach stated. Coming with his strong loyalty is Coach’s drive to win. He takes winning seriously in everything he does. It all makes sense when you take a look at VanderKlay’s background. He was a three-sport athlete in high school along with being a competitor at Hope college. He was able to go to college for basketball but, like all athletes, VanderKlay sometimes thinks about the other different possibilities.
I asked him about any regrets in life, “I don’t have many regrets, but I was curious to if I had put all my eggs in one basket what would’ve happened,” he said. Though coach wondered about the different possibilities, he wouldn’t want to do anything differently. Being able to have direct contact to the youth through teaching and coaching is what he loves to do. He devotes his time day in and day out to steer the next generations the right way. He wants everyone to win and that is something he knows how to do.
During the interview, I was curious to know about one thing he would want everyone to know. “They’re in control, they could do things, they don’t have to be limited by outsiders.” Coach VanderKlay announced. He is caring to those around him even when it is unnoticed.
Here at Wyoming High School, we know there is more to Coach and we appreciate all he does for not only this school but our community.