Who Is Alyjah Chandler?

Mr. 30Ball

This year’s basketball team had a seemingly unpromised start to the season. The future is changing as Alyjah Chandler is taking the court strongly. His first high scoring game was a win against Mona Shores where he scored 30 points, since then he has been on a roll. He has been nominated four times for Mlive’s player of the week, and has won once.
As a kid Alyjah was pushed by his dad, LeMont Chandler, in sports. Alyjah played football, baseball, and basketball as a kid. He started to get into travel ball in sixth grade and that’s when he started to take basketball more seriously. He continued to play football until sophomore year in high school, but has continued to love basketball.
Before games Alyjah says what makes him feel good is a good old nap and a light snack. He also says, “I sometimes play some music or even listen to a book to calm me down before games.”
His family has inspired him to work hard, he is the oldest grandson so doing well in basketball and academically is something he strives to do to inspire his younger brother and cousins.
Sacrifice has also been a consequence of participating in basketball, “I never had summers. I was always playing basketball and football in the summers, which I enjoyed, but it took a lot away from summer.” Now we can see that all of those hard working summer programs paid off.
After graduation he plans to go to college, Chandler also states, “depending on offers I might go do basketball.” He wants to see how the season will play out for himself and his team before making any other decisions. He plans to study engineering in college and get out of Michigan after school.