The Horror Film “Tusk” is Terrible


The most disturbing horror film I’ve seen. I’ve seen many horror movies, but none have traumatized me like Tusk. By traumatized I mean the terrible acting is so scary it gave me nightmares. Even then, some scenes were nauseating. I advise you not to watch this horrific, grotesque movie.
The main character, Wallace Bryton, hosts a podcast, The Not-See Party. They interview weird, eccentric people. Wallace travels to Canada to interview an internet celebrity. Later, he realizes he has died and has to find someone else to interview. He finds a flyer for a free room in a random person’s house, in return, Wallace would have to listen to his story.
Wallace travels to the home and finds Howard Howe. Howard tells a story of ‘Mr. Tusk,’ a walrus who rescued him after a shipwreck. Wallace passes out and wakes up to see his leg has been amputated. Howard described to Wallace that he had been trying to recreate Mr. Tusk all these years. He had made a walrus suit made of human skin.
Howard cut off Wallace’s tongue and shoved him into the walrus suit. Wallace would never go back to being human after that.
Enough being said, this movie was just god-awful.

The acting was quite bad but the screams felt real. It was horrifying when Wallace was screaming, but the movie was just so bad and hard to watch. Who had the idea to create this movie?

It’s in the same weird genre as The Human Centipede. The Human Centipede was less of a horror film and more of an awful movie, just like Tusk.
Never had I seen such vile scenes. Not to mention, the acting was just too bad, I keep mentioning this but it’s just so funny seeing how bad it is. I’ve seen better acting in the Teletubbies.

10/10 would NOT recommend this.

All in all, it was about a 6/10. Not that good but very repulsive.