Custodian Kenn Davis Keeps WHS Running Smoothly

Kenn Davis is one of the custodians that work in the High school. Before he became a custodian here as a part-timer, he worked in the field where it’s all filled with wires and tech.
“I worked in Iraq as an electrician for two years helping the soldiers to have air conditioning before I became a custodian,” Kenn Davis said.

Although Kenn Davis is a custodian at Wyoming High school, he is also human as us students and teachers.

Mainly if he could explain what could be changed at Wyoming High School will be students, teachers, and other staff be neater in the lunch room. He is always a hard worker in the Wyoming High School.

Custodians should be more appreciated by everyone in the building because they all work hard to keep each bathroom clean, the cafeteria, the learning stairs, the classrooms, the hallway, etc. If we didn’t appreciate the custodians, we should clean the school ourselves and see how heavy the work is. Each custodian has a reason to say that people should be neater in this school.

While Kenn Davis works as a custodian, he also works at Wyoming Junior High and sometimes he will get annoyed.
“Something that I’ll get annoyed with is when I’m in the Junior high, kids will steal snacks and not listen to the kitchen help,” Kenn Davis said.

He is one of the custodians who will look out for one another and he is very reliable. He will always be one of our friendliest custodians and he is always willing to give a helping hand either with the lunch ladies, teachers, the principal, students, or other staff members. No matter what the situation, he is willing to lend a helping hand.

On the other hand, Kenn Davis has some hobbies that he does once his part-time shift is done. His hobbies are building stuff around the house, and working around the cottage in the summer. Also, something that he looks forward to is to go traveling to the Caribbean and remodeling rooms in his house.

Kenn Davis could’ve picked any other job but he chose to be here because he enjoys being around everyone in Wyoming High School.