Trip tips and tricks


Do you want to plan a trip to another country for a break but aren’t too sure if you have the money to do so? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can do exactly what you want to and that even visiting other countries outside North America is cheaper than planning a trip to somewhere like New York or California.
As someone who has traveled in my 17 years of living, I’ve been to eight countries so far and will soon be ten this summer. The biggest tip I can give when traveling abroad is to almost never use a taxi or a shuttle service. Taxis and shuttles are more likely to overcharge you and can be a hassle when negotiating the price of a ride. But Uber is a cheap alternative that is easy to call and will get you to exactly where you need to be.
Food can also be a huge cost depending on where you are going. But more often than not going out to local restaurants is the best way to go! Not only are you getting authentic food from the country you are visiting but you are also getting a good price for it. Such as when I went to Egypt, we never ate at the hotel and instead went to local places. We ordered a large plate that almost covered the entire round table we sat at. It had rice, meat, and vegetables all together! And the best part was that the price transferred to about $12. It was so massive we didn’t even finish it and barely made a dent in the plate.
Lastly would be to explore the city! Many people are afraid to explore the city for fear they may be robbed or in danger. But in actuality you are in safe hands, in most places I’ve been to the locals are one of the friendliest people I’ve met and are happy to point you in the right direction to the mall or a restaurant they recommend. You don’t always need a huge group of people to move around with or a tour guide just embraces the culture and goes on your own or your family to see the sights or monuments of the location you are visiting.
So whenever you are ever thinking about visiting someplace outside of the U.S. don’t let it just be a dream! Search up prices, and plan a year in advance, you will be surprised at how affordable travel can be. Also choose experiences over material things, because a pair of shoes can equal the same cost as a plane ticket. A pair of shoes can last only for so long but memories that are made can stay with you forever.