Wrestling Team Does Not Mess Around


Wrestling Team 2022-2023

Did you know that wrestling is the world’s oldest sport? No one talks about it. Honestly, I think it’s an underrated sport. Wrestling is a unique sport and it needs more recognition in the sports industry.
Let’s start off with a comedian of the group, Jackson Lameroux. He says that wrestling is not the best sport. What a goofball.
Though they are not at the top of the standings, the team likes where they are headed.
“It’s been pretty well,” Ken Rosas said. “We’ve been going through some struggles but, yeah, we’ve been getting through.”
Out of all the answers I got, this one was quite realistic. Not even our bowling team is perfect.
The program is a work in progress. “It’s going pretty well,” Quinton Clark said.
“We have a bigger team than we had in a couple of years. A lot more people.”
Exercising is key. I have been to one of their practices, just to interview, and they undergo a lot of training.
Ken Rosas had something quite unexpected about conditioning: “Anything a football team does, we do for conditioning.”
Would you have thought that wrestling does the same conditioning football does? The wrestling team goes through intense and vigorous training to boost recovery during/after a match and to improve performance during a match.
This work deserves attention.
Far more injuries than in football. Is wrestling dangerous? The injuries that show up most on the news are all football injuries. The most severe injuries could occur in wrestling.
Omar Blanco agreed with this statement, stating that “wrestling can be a dangerous sport, many come in unscathed and leave with bruises and even broken bones.”
During practice, someone ended up breaking a finger.
Most sports teams have team MVPs, one who gets the most ‘whatever’.
Tyler Frick is the team’s MVP. He is currently undefeated and ended up being one of the four wrestlers in the championship. He was the champion of the 285 weight class.
Sports can affect their life choices, how they grow up, and what they do in the future.
Hilario comments, “wrestling is a part of [his] life.”
Ken Rosas, obviously the favorite interviewee, has a history with wrestling: “It means a lot to me. I wrestled when I was in 6th or 7th grade, so it did have an impact on me. I’m more mature now.”
The wrestling team is a family. They all have each others’ backs and just have fun together.
Coach Frick is there to encourage and push everyone to their limit.
“As a carpenter, do you work without hammering nails? No.” Coach Frick gave this analogy to the team while they were conditioning. Quite inspirational. You can see this team is close and their coach really cares about them.
Wrestling is a dangerous, difficult sport, but it can be fun when you get to know your teammates. This sport is one of the top sports that should be played. It works out your whole body and helps you grow closer to others.
The Wyoming Wolves Wrestling Team is an example, out of all of the school’s sports, of this school caring for one another.
They are truly the meaning of a Wyoming Wolves family.