Ms. Walker loves teaching


Mrs. Walker with some of her students.

Little kids who are still playing with toys think about jobs at some point, both realistic and not-so realistic. Some kids want to be a pilot while others might want to be dinosaur hunter or an astronaut.
But Ms. Walker knew from a young age at just six years old that she wanted to be a teacher.
“It was always hard for me to understand how people didn’t like school,” Ms. Walker said.
A part of being a teacher is seeing kids come and go. For Ms. Walker, it is refreshing and renewing.
“I like to see the change from freshman to senior,” Ms. Walker said.
She is full of knowledge and humor, she can make students laugh and help them learn.
Ms. Walker teaches both Honors Biology and regular Biology classes. She has been teaching since the fall of 1986. She taught in the same classroom in the Wyoming Junior High building for 36 years. This year, she has moved to the high school.
Unsurprisingly, meteorology was an alternative career path.
“I love the weather,” Ms. Walker said, “and I love science.”
For Ms. Walker, nature provides inspiration outside of school. In fact, she loves nature so much that she would like to get a house on the lake.
“I love nature, everything you need to know about life is in nature,” Ms. Walker said.