Climate Change is Happening to Us


Climate change is catching up to us.
The thing is, a lot of people do not know it is happening.
Climate change is a big problem. For some reason, a lot of people have not noticed it.
The Earth has been getting hotter. This is the cause of the CO2 levels in our atmosphere. While the temperature is increasing the number of glaciers is decreasing. This is leading to a lot of high sea levels and not enough sunlight being reflected back up to the atmosphere.
In not-so-cold places, the temperature rising has caused a lot of harm. It has affected crops, caused droughts, and a lot of forest fires. The amount of forest fires this year has been worse than it’s ever been.
Why don’t humans do anything about this?
It turns out that a lot of people do not know what climate change really is.
Mr. Mast stated the situation clearly.”I know the temperature is going up because of all the CO2 added to the atmosphere,” Mr. Mast said. “It is causing a lot of problems”.
Some students said they do not know anything about climate change. It’s crazy how all this is happening and some of us know but others do not.