My Best Friend

Sofia Ybarra has been my closest friend for the past 6 years. We met when I was in 3rd grade and she was in 2nd. I don’t really remember when we really met. We kinda just started being friends. Ironic isn’t it? Anyways let me tell you a bit about her.

Sofia Ybarra is just the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met even when she says she looks like a dying rat. She is a mix of African American, White, and Mexican. Her sense of humor goes along with mine just perfectly.
She has stayed with me when I moved schools and then moved states which she isn’t happy about. She calls me almost every day for as long as she can with our three-hour time difference. We stay up all night talking and laughing. Sometimes we will play Roblox horror games on weekends when we aren’t busy.
She stayed with me when I was at my lowest and had to get some professional help. Every time I called her she answered right away to make sure I was ok and just sat there while I cried and she just listened to me about my problems.
I love her with all my heart and would never give her up for anyone or anything. She is basically my sister that I never had. I would give the world for her if I could. I try my best to make her smile everyday.

I think everyone needs a friend like her sometime in their life. She is Patrick to my SpongeBob. Micky to my Minnie. I love her and I hope you find someone like her someday!