Avatar: The Way of the Water is Visually Stunning


The highest grossing of 2022, is Avatar 2: The Way of Water, released on December 16, 2022. This movie was created by James Cameron the same director of The Titanic and Terminator.
This movie is a fantastic spectacle of the way they made something that is completely fictional and made it seem real. For instance, in some of the interactions in the movie, you can really feel their pain in the way their tears roll down their face and when they play the iconic music that displays despair at the moment.
Avatar is a movie about a character named Jake Sully that was transferred into an Avatar called the Navi. The Navi is a race of spiritual blue aliens inhabiting an exomoon called Pandora. This place is not only a source of rare materials wanted on Earth. This is based on a conflict between two former humans Colonel Quaritch had been killed in the first movie and brought back to life due to his combat abilities by the humans. And the other Jake Sully is being transferred from his dying body by the God Eywa into his Avatar permanently.
While in the making between Avatar 1 & 2, they had given family to Jake Sully kids that he had with one of the Navi Neytiri, the daughter of the former chieftain, they had 2 sons Neteyam and Lo’ak, and one daughter named Tuktirey and two adopted kids Spider and Kiri. Jake and his family run the tribe, Jake decides to release himself of chief after finding out being there is putting the whole tribe in danger, and due to the revival of Colonel Quaritch. The General whom they didn’t see eye to eye with in Avatar 1 whom Neytiri and Jake ended up killing him. So they decide to flee to the islands Cook Islands where they took shelter in a tribe named Metkayina. The Metkayina is a cool-looking reef tribe having their own designed avatars with thicker tails and fin-looking arms and legs but they still have fingers and toes and a teal complexion.
Jake and his family have to learn the ways of the water tribe in order to be useful. So they spend the next few months in this beautiful place learning how to be like the Metkayina people. The chieftain’s kids tried bullying Jake’s kids because they’re different and they have 5 fingers instead of 4. They also almost got Lo’ak killed by a scary shark-looking creature by taking him into deeper water and abandoning him. Lo’ak gets saved by a spiritual whale (Tulkun).
Jake’s adopted daughter kiri and daughter of a dead doctor has some heart problems after trying to connect with Eywa and is saved by the chieftain’s wife of the Reef village. But in the process, they revealed their location to Colonel Quaritch when they sent a doctor from their old tribe by helicopter.
Colonel Quaritch shows up on the islands and cruelly starts to burn down villages and kill creatures to try to make Jake show himself. It works when Colonel was able to capture his kids. One of the Tulkun attacks the boat colonel re-poses from Tulkun hunters. And Jake’s and the Reef tribe see an opportunity to strike and get his kids back. And ends up defeating Colonel leaving him drowning in the sea but was saved by his kid that colonel had grown fond of.
Avatar 2: The Way of Water, was an amazing movie because of the amazing spectacle of a different universe that looked as if it was real and had me feeling fully emerged. From its own wildlife to learning the way of the Metkayina this movie had shown something even better than its previous movie. I suggest anyone who hasn’t seen it to watch it ASAP.