My Friends are Your Friends.


Cindy Cortes-Ramirez

Man, they are an awkward bunch.

Friends or foes? Nah I’m joking. Friends are needed in life. They’re there to support you, bring you up, and care for you. Or, if they’re fake, they’re there to show you the realities of life. Either way, we need friends in our lives to experience things with. I would love to share my friends with you, (Not saying they’re mine only but, yeah)! I asked only a few friends why they think people should be their friends.
Symone Gray, an Alpha Wolf, states that “[she’s] a very loyal friend.” Not only that, but she is also kind, compassionate, and gracious. Symone is the most trustworthy person I know. Sometimes, she crushes your heart with the truth but all in all, her soul is too pure for this world. Next up, my sweetest friend!
“I’m easy to talk to, I’m a great listener,” Stephanie Cronkright states. An amiable friend. Not only is she right, but there is so much more to her than just that. Intelligent. Admirable. Generous. Gregarious. If you’re ever upset, Stephanie will be there and make you laugh until you forget why you were upset. She is very talkative too, I love that about her. A role model.
“I’m amazing, I’m awesome, and I’m super funny,” Michael Siguenza jovially says. A decent sophomore. He’s quite the confident rascal. He’s also a great listener. If you ever have a problem, he will be there for you. Michael isn’t there to judge you, he’s there to care for you. He isn’t afraid to give his opinion or correct you when you give a wrong fact. Sweet, but maddening.
“I’m kind and compassionate, and it’s my birthday,” Ardany Deleon mutters. The birthday boy of January 9. Well, my sweet child, it’s not your birthday anymore. Anyways, he’s correct. He’s very kind. Whenever I had a crisis in my life, he always stuck by my side and stayed. Ardany is also charismatic. He might come off as shy and maybe rude, but he’s the opposite. Once you get to know him, you’ll love him forever.