Looking Back on the College Football Playoffs


Kevin C. Cox/Getty

Stetson Bennett after championship win.

Heartbreak is what unfolded on New Year’s Eve for the Michigan Wolverines.
As a fan myself, I couldn’t believe it. Michigan’s loss was very disappointing but I am grateful it was at least close. But there is something I would like to say before I get started. What bowl game did Michigan State play in? I searched all over the channels and couldn’t seem to find it.
Defense was nonexistent in both of the semi-final games which were some of the highest-scoring playoff games ever. Michigan also ended up playing their worst games of the season while TCU played their best football game maybe ever.
J.J. Mccarthy the quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines played one of his best games all year but few mistakes. He threw two interceptions which happened to be pick sixes to the house. Many fans from other teams or even some Michigan fans give him hate as if he isn’t only 19 years old.
A quote from Mccarthy after the heartbreaking loss: “We’ll be back. I promise you.” Michigan had fell short yet again but I believe they have an even brighter future with him at the helm. Michigan lost 51-45 in a close game. Those who stay will be champions.
After the Michigan game was the Ohio State game. Surprisingly, OSU indeed had that dog in them. But there was a no-targeting call on a head-to-head hit took the best wide receiver, Marvin Harrison Jr. out of the game. I think that if he had stayed healthy, OSU might have pulled the win off instead of forcing it onto the kicker.
Noah Ruggles is normally clutch but in his biggest moments, but he choked and shanked the kick almost exactly as the clock struck midnight. Although the loss was heartbreaking and many were angry. CJ Stroud told reporters, “We put everything on the line, and I would never want to do it with anybody else.”
Personally, I believe the OSU defense is to blame for the loss and not the kicker because kicking is arguably the hardest position in football. Because if you miss you could lose all opportunities forever. Osu lost 42-41 to start of the new year.
As Michigan and Ohio State fans, we can all agree that the TCU versus Georgia game was arguably the worst college football championship game ever. It was one of the biggest loss deficits in the history of bowl games. TCU’s Cinderella run was over and may never see the CFP(College football playoffs) ever again.
Stetson Bennett, the grown man that should be working a 9 to 5 job, has now led the DAWGS to back-to-back titles. What if I told you that he had that dog in him? 3 out of the 4 quarterbacks from the playoffs have entered the draft but Stroud might be the only one that will turn out in the league. Tcu was only able to squeak away one score before the bulldogs went frog hunting. The dogs were so intimidated by the frogs that they were ordering wings during the game. That is about how I felt that I didn’t even watch a single minute of the game. The end score was 65-7.
Although TCU beat Michigan I still believe that the wolverines would have put up a better performance. Go Blue!